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The Global Token Association is dedicated to advancing the interests of companies and individuals that create, own, or are interested in tokens.

Make your voice heard to help us develop policy and legislative proposals.

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Our Leadership

Stewart Dennis

Stewart Dennis

Executive Chairman
CEO & Founder of BitBounce
Tim Draper

Tim Draper

Honorary Chair
Venture Capitalist

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Draper Venture Network
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Our Goals

Technological innovations within the cryptocurrency industry have the potential to solve some of humanity’s pressing problems.

However, the token industry is immature and faces significant threats from status quo actors. Leadership is required to bring the potential of this industry to fruition. This association is intended to assume such leadership. In doing so, the association will work to bring about a new, more mature state for the industry to operate within and advance the interests of all stakeholders within it. This will include bringing greater certainty, enhancing self-regulation, connecting stakeholders, developing policy ideas, passing legislation, establishing rights for token owners, and more. The association will initially be financed through a contribution of Credo tokens with other financing options being evaluated at a later date. The association will seek to hire a full-time executive director and team to work on achieving its goals.

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